"Industrial Design is a strategic problem-solving process that drives innovation, builds business success, and leads to a better quality of life through innovative products, systems, services, and experiences." (World Design Organization)

"Industrial designers are the creative agents and facilitators of change who develop products and systems which are inspirational and creative. (METU, Department of Industrial Design)

Although the industrial design processes vary for each of our business partners, it is basically carried out with a systematic study that we will mention below.


If you are a company or a brand owner who wants to discuss what can be done about the project and the needs of its business, if you are a manufacturer, an entrepreneur in need of design, or an entrepreneurial candidate who needs support in planning, if you are an investor who is interested in our existing projects or wants to develop a new project, if you are a distributor that deals with the products we are in production, or if you think that we can establish a business partnership outside of all, we will always be pleased to give you information by mail or phone and to be welcome you in our workshop to exchange ideas.

Clarification of the Work Description

At this stage, your demands and needs are emphasized. Targeted market and user groups are determined. Identity of your brand and identity of the product you want to create are defined. Stages of work are detailed and scheduled.

Research and Concept Development

By doing sectoral research and market analysis, the position of brand and product is studied. Persona studies are held in order to clarify user definitions.

This stage is vital which prepares the infrastructure for a product design compatible with the user, brand identity and market you targeted.

Product Design

Sketches developed by considering function, form, ergonomics, material and production methods are completed with color options and graphic elements. As a result of the sketches and product developments reflecting the previous stages, last two or three alternatives are prepared for presentation.

Product design studies include three-dimensional design, sketching and model making, computer-aided three-dimensional modeling, interface design and user experience design.

After feedbacks, final presentation including renderings and/or three-dimensional models or prototype becomes ready. The offered options are reduced to one and proceeded to production design.

Prototype and Production Monitoring

Capacity of our workshop enables the preparation of a model or prototype of the product from plastic with a three-dimensional printer. For the ceramic industry, it is possible to produce an example of the real material of the ceramic product upon request. Moreover, in our workshop we have an ability to make model from wood for small products.

The production process aims to ensure that the product is of the desired quality.

Patent and Design Registration

Product drawings are prepared for use in design registration application upon request.

Kosgeb member companies can benefit from 100% support in registration and patent transactions.

Governmental Support and Incentives for Turkey

Kosgeb provides in the rate of %60 of design services up to 25.000 TL as Design Incentive for Kosgeb Members.