Internet of Things

Fo Smart Pot

Fo (Future Organics) a smart plant pot which has manuel and automatic irrigation systems, will enable you to communicate with your plants. There are two type of Fo, which are a tabletop and a furniture type.

Today, it is time to rediscover that we can produce our own food while we are seeking for healthy nutrition! However, in the new world order due to the speed of everyday life, it is not easy at all to understand and care a plant which can not express itself.

Fo is developed to make possible you to grow your food in digital age. Now you will have a plant that is able to express itself when it is thirsty, from the screen of smart pot and through the app you will install on your phone. In addition, Fo offers a system with two irrigation mode if you keep the water tank and battery full. In the first option, If you set automatic mode, Fo will take care of your plant when you you are on vacation. In the second option, if you set manuel mode, when your plant is thirsty, Fo will warn you via app on your phone, thus you can water it remotely. With these features, it is also a great way to teach children plant care.